Spring 2017

Spring 2017: Reflective Practice in Disability Services – The Organisation & Staff

What are your views about the value of Reflective Practice for practitioners and organisations? Evidence based research indicates that staff feel more listened to and supported in their work if reflective practice is facilitated within the organisation. In addition, there is evidence of improved team working and shifts in specific attitudes and/or practices in the work place. Such shifts include increased compassion and empathy for those being supported by the service/team; increased psychotherapeutic thinking; increased understanding of service contexts and less knee-jerk reactions.

The upcoming Spring 2017 Series will consider the issue of Reflective Practice in Intellectual Disability Services. Through reading material circulated in advance the group will consider the value of reflective practice as well as the challenges in introducing groups into services. Discussion meetings are limited to a small number of participants (8-12) therefore early booking is advisable. The fee is nominal to cover room booking and tea/coffee.

To view the pdf flyer for this event please click here. To download the flyer, right click on the link and select 'Save As'.