Autumn 2016

Autumn/Winter 2016: Disability – Ways of Working That Help

Work in the area of Disability Psychotherapy is relatively new in the Irish Health System and generally focused within services with a small number of therapists in private practice offering psychotherapy to this client group. The ‘thinking’ and ‘reflection’ involved in Disability Psychotherapy can offer staff groups who work in services valuable space and time to reflect on their own work practice and share learning and experience with colleagues. DPI, through discussion seminars, provides a reflective space and can facilitate those working in this field to better keep the client at the centre of our thoughts.

The upcoming Autumn/Winter 2016 Series considers the ‘pain of difference’ and ways to face that pain and ways of working, that can help. This series aims to bring together what we know about the early emotional world, the failure to experience an emotionally nurturing environment and the consequences for the person with a disability. Through a focus on the work of Pat Frankish the seminar group will look at ways of working that might help and ‘make a huge difference to some very complex and distressed lives’. (Frankish, 2015). Frankish further encourages that with the correct interventions individuals can have a much improved quality of life.

Discussion meetings are limited to a small number of participants (8-12) therefore early booking is advisable. The fee is nominal to cover room booking and tea/coffee.

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